auto insurance consumer rightsDo you know your consumer rights regarding auto insurance and auto body repair?

Did you know, Section 167C of the New York State Law states that;

You have the right to have your car repaired in the registered shop of your choice.

Your insurance company can not direct you otherwise!

You may also legally designate the repair shop to negotiate a fair claim settlement with your insurance company. At Cannon Collision we take the law seriously and we want our customers to be informed so they make the best decision. We are here for you through the process, when you bring your car to us we will make sure to get you the most fair claim settlement with your insurance company. We have two locations, Hicksville at 27 1st Street, Hicksville NY 11801 call us at 516-221-9393 and Bethpage at 414 N Wantagh Ave, Bethpage NY 11714 call us at 516-822-9500.

Also the law states:

The insurance company has six business days after proper notification to inspect your car. If additional damage is found after dismantling, the insurance company has two business days to reinspect after proper notification.

Your insurance company must negotiate in good faith. You are entitled to a prompt fair settlement to repair your car to it’s pre-accident condition. This includes parts of like, kind and quality equal to original equipment.

You are not required to get one or more estimates. You are not required to take your car to an insurance company’s drive in claim service. No insurance company shall issue a check or draft in payment of claim, implying acceptance of such as final or binding. Anyone who estimates collision damage in New York State must be licensed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

These are just some of the laws Cannon Collision wants their customers to know. For more information please check out the website liabra.org